NTS NAT Test Sample Papers, Practice Papers

NTS NAT Sample papers of NAT-IE, NAT-IM, NAT-IA, NAT-ICS, NAT-IGS, NAT-ICOM, NAT-IIA, NAT-IIB, NAT-IIM, NAT-IIP and NAT-IIO. NAT Practice test and past papers are refers to the practice test sample papers. NAT past papers cannot be available because NTS keep the papers confidential and after the exams they collect the question sheet along with the answer sheet. NTS (National Testing Service) conducts the NAT (National Aptitude Test).

Here students can find the sample papers for NAT Test. NAT Test is of two types NAT-I and NAT-II. NAT-I type tests are for candidates having 12 years of education while NAT-II type tests are for the candidates having 14 years of Education.

NAT-I type contains six types of test and NAT-II type contains five type of tests. Candidate choose from these test types according to their major subjects.

Complete information and guide about choosing the test type is given in the following link.

Click NAT Test Guide for details

The following sample papers are given below:

  • NAT-IE Sample Paper
  • NAT-IM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IA Sample Paper
  • NAT-ICS Sample Paper
  • NAT-IGS Sample Paper
  • NAT-ICOM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIA Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIB Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIM Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIP Sample Paper
  • NAT-IIOSample Paper
  • Recruitment Test PST Sample Paper


Click the button of the desired Sample Paper, the sample paper will load in the window given below. Wait for the sample paper to be loaded after clicking the button, the waiting time depends on your internet connection speed.

NAT-I type Sample Papers


NAT-II type Sample Papers


NTS Recruitment Test Sample Papers


By viewing these sample papers students can get an idea about their NAT Test and they can prepare better for their exam. These sample papers will help the students to better know about the paper pattern, sections of the test and what type of questions can appear in the test.

If students have any query regarding NAT Test Sample Papers they can ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We will utterly try to solve their problem.

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  1. Oruj Saeed says:

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    hav 2 prepare

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    sample papers of nat7 IE

  8. muneebahussain says:

    plzzzzzzz send me paper of economics, math,statics, tomorrow test

  9. malik usman says:

    mujay BBA HR karna ha mujhay NTS ICOM kay accounting, Economics,commerce kay sample test papers send kar dain plz. mera 15 july 2013 ko NTS TEST ha. plz jaldi send kar dain mainay preparation karni ha PLZZZZZZ.

  10. mehwish says:

    plz mera 23 june ko test hai.mujhe NAT-IIA new recently sampal paper snd kar dain.ta k main preparation strt kar dn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. laiba ahmad says:

    can you please guide me that from where should I get the vocabulary words which mostly come in this test? kindly answer me as soon as possible

  12. SABIR HAMZA says:

    Salam bie.
    Muje test ka pata nahe k kon kon ce qustion ate hy reple me plez

  13. Aansa says:

    plz tell me from where i can get past papers of nat 1-m test

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    i want sample test paper of pst plz help

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    i want to see pst sample paper. plz 19 jan 2013 ko final test hai so, plz send me pst sample paper plz

    • tAHSEE says:

      NTS PST Sample paper is updated, kindly check above.

    • summaya khan says:

      Sample Paper PST


      1 ENGLISH 25
      2 MATHEMATICS 20

      100 %


      Choose the correct answer from choices (A to D).

      1. Hanif has _______the___ parrot.

      A. the
      B. an
      C. a
      D. not

      2. He is ____going____ to Peshawar shortly.

      A. go
      B. goes
      C. going
      D. went

      Choose plurals of the following words (Question 3)

      3. PENCIL:

      A. pencil
      B. pencils
      C. penciles
      D. pencilies

      Choose the opposite of the following words. (Question 4)

      4. OLD:

      A. lose
      B. break
      C. clean
      D. new

      Choose the same meaning of the following words. (Questions 5)

      5. LITTLE:

      A. big
      B. close
      C. small
      D. good

      Choose the correctly rearranged word from the given jumbled letters. (Questions 18 to 21)

      6. ENPLETOEH:

      A. envelope
      B. elephant
      C. teleplay
      D. telephone

      Read the passage to answer question 7

      Khyber Pass lies at a distance of 17 kms from Peshawar and 5 kms from Jamrud. It stretches up to the Pak-Afghan border at torkham 55 kms from peshawer. It gradually rises. The height of the mountain of the pass reaches about 1000 feet at Landi Kotal. Landi Kotal is a big trading centre of Khyber agency.

      7. The height of Khyber Pass mountain at Landi Kotal is:

      A. 500 feet
      B. 1000 feet
      C. 1500 feet
      D. 2000 feet


      8. The square root of 841 is:

      A. 29
      B. 39
      C. 41
      D. 45

      9. Simplify: (6x + 5)(6x – 5) =?

      A. 36x – 25
      B. 36x + 25
      C. 12x + 10
      D. 12x – 10

      10. The length of the sides of triangle are a cm, b cm, c cm respectively, the perimeter will be ____.


      Pick out true or false:

      11. The set of countable numbers is called infinite set.

      A. True
      B. False

      12. 2-9 = -7

      A. True
      B. False


      13. Lungs are the _____ organs.

      A. breathing
      B. external
      C. reproduction
      D. sense

      14. The chemical name of “baking soda” is:

      A. Sodium chloride
      B. Sodium hydroxide
      C. Sodium carbonate
      D. Sodium bicarbonate

      15. “Push” or “pull” which changes the position or shape of an object is known as ________.

      A. force
      B. momentum
      C. velocity
      D. load

      Pick out true or false:

      16. Milk is a balanced diet.

      A. True
      B. False

      17. The symbol of silver is Na.

      A. True
      B. False


      18. There are _____ continents in the world.

      A. four
      B. five
      C. six
      D. seven

      19. All India Muslim League was established in _____.

      A. 1632
      B. 1857
      C. 1906
      D. 1947

      20. Natural gas was discovered at _______ in 1952.

      A. Khavra
      B. Sui
      C. Chaman
      D. Basham

      Pick out true or false:

      21. Wheat is called silver fiber crop.

      A. True
      B. False

      22. Allama iqbal raised the slogan of “Faith, Unity and Discipline”

      A. True
      B. False

      GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (معلومات عامہ)

      23. پاکستان کے ___________ دنیا بھر میں مشہور ہیں۔

      A. آم
      B. کیلا
      C. انار
      D. سیب

      23. پاڪستان جو __________ پوري دنيا ۾ مشهور آهي.

      A. انب
      B. ڪيلو
      C. ڏاڙهون
      D. صوف

      24. قائد اعظم کا مزار _____________ میں ہے۔

      A. لاہور
      B. کراچی
      C. اسلام آباد
      D. زیارت

      24. قائد اعظم جي مزار __________ ۾ آهي.

      A. لاهور
      B. ڪراچي
      C. اسلام آباد
      D. زيارت

      25. ماؤنٹ ایورسٹ کس ملک میں ہے؟

      A. انڈیا
      B. نیپال
      C. چین
      D. پاکستان

      25. مائونٽ ايورسٽ ڪهڙي ملڪ ۾ آهي.

      A. انڊيا
      B. نيپال
      C. چين
      D. پاڪستان


      Q #. Right Choice
      1 C
      2 C
      3 B
      4 D
      5 C
      6 D
      7 B
      8 A
      9 A
      10 C
      11 B
      12 A
      13 A
      14 D
      15 A
      16 A
      17 B
      18 D
      19 C
      20 B
      21 B
      22 B
      23 A
      24 B
      25 B

  16. Abdul Samad says:

    Science maths , physics , chem , eng k portions hain
    General mai sociology , eduction , urdu , sindhi k portions hain

  17. Abdul Samad says:

    Dear frnds,
    JST test dates are 9th & 10th of Jan 2013
    PST test dates are 19th to 22nd of Jan 2013

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    i want to see jst sample paper kiya is me bhe science paper phy chem or bio ka hoga just like hst

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