UHS MCAT Sample Practice Papers, Past Papers

View UHS MCAT Sample papers, UHS MCAT Practice papers and UHS MCAT past papers. These Medical Entry test papers of UHS MCAT Entry test papers will help the students of Medical discipline to get to know the entry test pattern of MCAT. These papers will also help the students to prepare for their medical entry test. UHS (University of Health Sciences) conducts the medical entry test know as MCAT every year for admissions in all Government and Private Medical Institutes of Punjab.

Every year thousand of students appear in UHS Entry test for admissions in MBBS and BDS programs of Medical Colleges of Punjab. Due to the lack of seats in the medical institutes for medical students there is a lot of competition, and many students cannot get admission because of just one or two marks. The key to the success and hard working and preparation according to the proper pattern. By these MCAT test papers medical students will be able of prepare properly for their entry test and get good marks.

MCAT Entry test consist of 220 total number of question from the four subjects

  • Biology (88)
  • English (30)
  • Chemistry (58)
  • Physics (44)

All of these subjects papers are given below:


Click the above button of the desired paper to view the paper, all MCAT papers will load in the window given below. You can view one document at a time. After clicking the paper button please wait a while for the document to be loaded below. As it is document file so it can take some time, time depends on your internet connection speed

If students have any query regarding these MCAT papers they can ask it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share these MCAT sample papers with your friends. You can share these papers by clicking the sharing buttons given below.




  1. sana arif says:

    without key, model papers are just like a human body without brain.

  2. Misbahkhan says:

    Stuggle for Success will make you a Master.
    But Struggle for satisfaction will you a Legend
    & legends Never Die……………………..

  3. sana says:

    wdout answers key,it’s 2 mch difficult 4 us 2 judge ourselve!

  4. sana says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upioad answers!

  5. kashaf faraz says:

    plz answer key zror r jald as jald upload kren ta k hm apny ap ko judge b kr sken i’ll be thank ful to u plz jaldi krye ga kun k time km rh gya hai :(

  6. poppy says:

    kindly upload ans key…??

  7. poppy says:

    kindly uploada ans key

  8. mahvishawan says:

    is joining any akadami or consulting u is best

    • admin says:

      Depends on your skill and preparation. Many students secure good marks without academy while many students do need academy. If you know the pattern and how to prepare yourself for the entry test, then you can prepare for entry test at home. But if you have little knowledge of entry test and attempting entry test then you have to seek guidance from academy.

      • araib says:

        Sir plz guide me. I don’t know about any pattern nd need guideline as i’ve no one to guide nd plz tell website where ican download mcat past pprs.sir plz provide me all info at my email

  9. nasser sial says:

    prepare frm only text books

  10. farkhanda says:

    ineed past papers of mcat

  11. maida says:

    sir plz give me past papers

  12. omer says:

    kindly up load past papers of

  13. ali shah says:

    frinds only read the text books carefully you would pass the test…..

  14. umai sahi says:

    sir kinndly upload the past papers of m-cat .so students are well aware of latest news and papers

  15. Fsc student says:

    Sir, these are modal papers of all four subjects also available on UHS website. Kindly try to upload past papers of MCAT as all pre-medical students need them to prepare well.

    • umai sahi says:

      only read the text book if u want to successs .join no acadmy for preparation ..bcoz i am well aware to the entry test .

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