Title: Importance of Trees

Without the plants on our planet the evolution of life here would have been impossible. Plants were instrumental in the supply of oxygen in the atmosphere. Thus the stage was set for Adam and Eve. And now there are about five billion people living on the earth. So we must acknowledge the importance of plants in our life. The trees are an integral species of the plant genus in existence on Mother Earth. The trees have played a very important role in the past and continue to play even now. We are indebted to trees for soil and climate as well as for their direct contribution to our homes to hospitals and to our factories.

It is quite amazing the ways in which trees support life. Fuel wood building materials, and a wide range of food and medicines and other products are obtained from forests. Approximately trees range across 30 per cent of the earth’s surface. They produce and sustain large stocks of biomass and nurture the greatest number of plant and animal species.

Essay: Importance of Trees
Essay: Importance of Trees

Forests also play a significant role in the recycling of nitrogen, carbon and oxygen. They affect climatic conditions such as rainfall and temperature. Moreover, they are the fountain heads of rivers. They play the additional role of the largest gene reservoirs on the planet earth. They are the site for the discuss and development of new species.

Perhaps the greatest gift the forests have given us is wood. It is one of the first raw materials that we used It quite possibly could be our last. Almost every major industry is dependent upon the forest, and its products at one stage or another. A house wall built of wood requires 20 per cent less energy for heating, and 30 per cent less for cooling than a wall of any other construction material. Moreover, wood provides hardboard, plywood, veneer, chipboard, particle board which we use for furnishing our homes and offices.

One of the principal uses of wood is the production of paper. Paper is an indispensable and perhaps also irreplaceable medium of civilization. It is not surprising, therefore, that our annual consumption of industrial Timber is 1.5 billion tons, an amount, which exceeds plastic and steel combined.

Almost, all medicines are herbal in their origin. Without forest and plants, we will be deprived of many things, which come from them.

To conclude trees are the great providers protectors. Their services are many. They help preserve our species in more way than we can imagine. Without forest full of stately trees, our planet would be the poorer and a lot less beautiful than it is today.