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Unit 7: Linear Equations and Inequalities

These are clearly written notes about Chapter 7 Questions/Problems. So first Chapter 7 is all about Linear Equations and Inequalities.

In this chapter we will learn linear equations with rational coefficients. Reduce eqations involving redicals, to simpler form and find their solutions. Define Absoulte value and solve the equations involving absoulte value.
Recongnize Properties of inequalities (i.e. trichotomoy, transitive, additve and multiplicative.

Linear Equations

A linear equation in one unknown variabel x is an equation of the form
ax + b = 0 where a, b ∈ R
A solution to a linear equation is any replacement or substitution for the variable x that makes tha statement true.
Two linear equations are said to be equivalent if they have exactly the same solution.

Radical Equation

When the variable in the equation occurs under a radical, the equation is called a radical. The procedure to solve a radical equation is to eliminate the radical by raising each side to a power equal of index of radical.



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