PTB 10th Class Chemistry Unit 12 ‘Hydrocarbons’ Review/Short Questions

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Unit 12: Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons are three distinct classes in which almost all organic and inorganic compounds are classified. This chapter explains and describes different kinds of Hydrocarbons. Chapter explains and give examples of Arrhenius Acids. Students will learn and apply a theory to classify different substances into acids and bases. Bronsted-Lowry theory is used to classify different substances into acid and bases as protons donors or proton accepters. Students will able to classify Lewis acids and bases.
Students will write equations for self-ionization of water. Given the hydrogen or hydroxide ion concentration, Students will classify solution as neutral, acidic or basic.
A famous Muslim scientist Jabir Bin Hayan prepared nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid.
At the end of this chapter students will learn to complete and balance the neutralization reaction.
We all have a little concentration of acid in our stomach which helps to digest the food. Sometimes the amount of stomach acid becomes too high which causes acidity. The uncomfortable feeling can be cured by taking alkaline medicines.

10th Class Chemistry Chapter 12 (Hydrocarbons) Review/Short Questions

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