PTB 10th Class Chemistry Unit 13 ‘Biochemistry’ Review/Short Questions

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Unit 13: Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one of the emerging branch of biology and chemistry. In previous chapter we have discussed the hydrocarbon which are basic organic compounds. It deals with the naturally occurring macromolecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and
For example, carbohydrates we eat, provide us energy. Lipids are major source of energy. They are stored in the body to provide emergency energy supplies. They help us to work during tough times. Proteins not only provide us energy, they help us to stay strong by forming new bones and muscular tissues.
So we have our basics covered, now we will move to some advanced concepts related to hydrocarbons and chemistry in general.
This chapter will explain difference between mono-, di and tri-saccharides. Protein are very important macromolecules we use on daily basis in the form different animal products. This chapter explains bonding in protein. Macromolecule like carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are used daily in our lives so this chapter explains their sources and uses in detail. Chapter will explain difference between fats and oils, describe the importance of nucleic acids.
Chapter will also explain vitamins which are good source of energy, and importance of these vitamins.

10th Class Chemistry Chapter 13 (Biochemistry) Review/Short Questions

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