PTB 10th Class Physics Unit 18 ‘Atomic and Nuclear Physics’ Solved Numericals

View and Download the solved conceptual questions, solved numerical problems or 10th Class Physics notes of Chapter 18 “Atomic and Nuclear Physics” of Punjab Textbook Board. These 10th class physics notes of 18th Chapter are according to the new syllabus (2018) of Punjab Boards including Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Bahawalpur Board, Federal Board, DG Khan Board and Sargodha Board. Students of 10th Class of all these board can facilitate from the physics notes given below. You can also download 10th Class Physics Chapter 18 Solved Questions and Numericals Problems.

Unit 18: Atomic and Nuclear Physics

In this chapter students will learn about structure of atom in terms of electrons and nucleus. Chapter will describe nucleus in terms of protons and neutrons. Chapter describe how number of protons in an nucleus distinguishes an element from other. Chapter represent different nuclides by using proton number symbol Z, nucleon number A and the nuclide rotation X.
Chapter describes that some nuclide are unstable and give out radiation to emit excessive energy and are called to be radioactive. Chapter mentioned three typed of radiation alpha beta and gamma.
Students will learn when element becomes radioactive, it can change to another element. Chapter explains changes in composition of nucleus by symbolic equations when alpha or beta particles are emitted. Chapter briefly explains that radioactive events occur randomly over space and time. Concepts like half-life of radioactive element are also explained in the chapter. Radioisotopes is key concept and what makes them very useful is also explained properly. Process of fission ad fusion are also explained in detail. Carbon dating to determine the age of ancient objects is also explained briefly.
Science, Technology and Society Connections
After completion of this chapter students will be able to list various applications of radioisotopes in different field like agriculture, medical and industrial fields.

10th Class Physics Chapter 18 (Atomic and Nuclear Physics) Solved Numerical Questions

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