PIEAS Entry Test Sample Paper BS

Every year Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences offer admissions to the students in BS programs on the basis of PIEAS Entry Test. The students who wants to take admission in PIEAS will take the entry test so it is better to know the composition and type of PIEAS Entry test and prepare themselves accordingly. In this post we will give students the sample Entry test paper of PIEAS. Let us first give you the overview of the Entry Test.

PIEAS Entry Test contains four sections and 100 multiple choice questions. The four sections of PIEAS Entry test are as follows:

  • Section (I): English Comprehension (Questions 1-25)
  • Section (II): Mathematics (Questions 26-50)
  • Section (III): Physics (Questions 51-75)
  • Section (IV): Chemistry (Questions 76-100)

See the PIEAS Entry Test Sample paper for BS admissions. Wait while the PIEAS Admission Test sample paper is loaded.